Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 05 2nd Annual Wreath Making Social KOB and KOSS
Jan 06 Board Meeting
Jan 07 Float Work Day
Jan 14 11th Annual Dragon Party
Jan 15 Float Work Day
Jan 15 Safety / Security Meeting for all Volunteers
Jan 18 General Meeting and Annual Meeting
Jan 21 Children's Gasparilla Parade
Jan 28 Gasparilla Parade
Feb 01 Board Meeting
Feb 08 General Meeting
Feb 10 Knight Parade Bead Social Drop off
Feb 11 Knight Parade
Feb 11 Post Parade Party
Feb 12 Knight Parade Float Clean Up
Mar 07 Board Meeting
Mar 14 General Meeting
Mar 16 St. Patrick's Parade Bead Social Drop off
Mar 18 Krewe of Pandora Annual St. Patrick's Day Brunch
Mar 18 Pre Parade Party
Mar 18 St. Patrick's Parade
Mar 18 Post Parade Party
Mar 19 St. Patrick's Parade Float Clean Up
Mar 24 Pride Parade Bead Social Drop off
Mar 25 Tampa Pride Parade
Mar 25 Post Parade Party
Mar 26 Pride Parade Float Clean Up
Apr 11 Board Meeting
Apr 22 General Meeting
May 11 Board Meeting
May 20 General Meeting
Jun 11 Board Meeting
Jun 21 General Meeting
Jun 24 16th Annual Half Way to Gasparilla Pub Crawl
Jun 29 Meet the Krewe Social
Jul 12 Board Meeting
Jul 20 General Meeting
Aug 10 Board Meeting
Aug 18 General Meeting
Sep 06 Board Meeting
Sep 20 BaseBall Social
Sep 23 Brigadoon Attending Krewe Rush by Krewe of Sea SaveYours
Sep 30 Float Work Day
Oct 04 Board Meeting
Oct 07 Float Work Day
Oct 14 New Member Meeting
Oct 14 General Meeting
Oct 22 Float Work Day
Nov 03 Tartan Ball
Nov 04 Float Work Day
Nov 05 6th Annual Chili Cook Off and Salsa
Nov 07 Board Meeting
Nov 11 Float Work Day
Nov 14 Krewe Monthly Meeting
Nov 18 Float Work Day
Nov 19 Tentative Float Work Day
Dec 01 Bead Drop Off Social Float/Parade Prep for Santa Fest
Dec 02 Santa Fest Parade
Dec 03 Santa Fest Parade Float Clean Up
Dec 04 Monday Night Football FGK & KOB
Dec 05 Board Meeting
Dec 12 General Monthly Meeting & Holiday Party
Dec 16 Float Work Day

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