Tampa Pride Parade

  • Saturday, May 22, 2021
  • 4:00 PM
  • Ybor


  • If you are in the Krewe of Lords and Ladies, please register with this registration type. Your Krewe Leadership is sending in one check for those guesting.
  • This registration is for a member of a krewe that is associated with the Inter-Krewe Council. Example; FGK, KOP, Rough Riders, etc.

    The guesting fee includes drinks and food.
  • This registration type is for guest not in a krewe, and an Active KOB member is sponsoring. Verification will be completed for accuracy. KOB does not open guesting to the public. This is invite-only with a sponsored Active KOB Member.


KOB is proud to celebrate equality with the Tampa Bay community. This is the only parade KOB allows other Krewes to guest on KOB's float.

Members of another krewe can guest with KOB fee is $25.00

Friends of KOB members that are not in any krewe guest fee is $40.00. The requirement MUST be sponsored by a KOB Active Member to guest for this parade.

Communication about timeline will be posted along with following up email to all registrants by May 12th. There will be a web page with timeline and details to follow

Costumes:  If you are in a krewe, please follow your krewe's guidelines.  Authorized non krewe guest will have guidelines details of attire options. 

KOB is looking at shirt options.  More information will be out shortly. 

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