Krewe was founded on the principle “For the Krewe by the Krewe”. Two members from different krewes met for lunch to discuss the struggles each of them had with the Krewe organizations they were affiliated with at the time.  In a Mexican restaurant, the concept of Brigadoon was born. It was important that each member felt represented in the decision-making process of running the Krewe.  Equality for each member with no one group having controlling power.

Over the next few months, a group of 26 like-minded people to build the foundation of a great Krewe.  From the beginning, it was established that leadership would work to fulfill the needs and desires of members.  This is why the group designed the Clan Chieftain position to hold voting power reflecting the members of that clan opinions. Casting a vote as a Chieftain reflects the members of the clan and this is why communication was a critical component to the foundation of the Krewe.

To further engage the communication among Krewe members, councils, (formerly known as committee) work was embraced as a founding concept. Councils were set up and membership engaged in dialog to build consensus in every aspect from costumes to the float construction to logo design and even the toast we all know so well!

After all these years, it is great to see that the founding principle continues to be embraced by the current members. Differences and struggles will always happen because we are human however with strong communication and commitment to the betterment of the membership as a whole, we remain strong and steadfast in our unity and equality. Our Krewe is great because we are “For the Krewe, by the Krewe”.

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