Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon, (KOB) emphasizes volunteerism and participation in the Krewe and local community.

We require a lot out of our members in order to operate this totally volunteer organization. Therefore, we require each of our members to be active.  
KOB has a unique process and we encourage all interested in KOB to sign up for the process and get involved. 

What is the process?

KOB started a potential membership process to encourage involvement and see if Krewe life is for them. The process is simple. KOB has volunteer opportunities that allow a potential member to receive points. The more points you receive, the potential of being able to apply the new krewe year, (plus other requirements like an active member sponsoring you).

What are the activities to get points?

  • Volunteered as KOB Safety/ Security for the parades.  More parades, more points.
  • Volunteer for post-parade Sunday float clean-ups.
  • Family members of a current active member receives a point.
  • Members from another krewe or former KOB members gets a point.
  • Point for having an Active KOB member sponsoring, (This is required).

How does it works?

  • Potential person Interested must complete the wait list form below between July 1st through April 30th prior the upcoming parade season.
  • Potential Members will need to achieve points and have an Active KOB member sponsoring.
  • Membership Adviser/Council will verify with the sponsor and Parade Adviser of points. Based on the point ranking and openings, membership could extend a welcome to apply application email, (beginning of August).

KOB Membership Council and Parade Adviser will inform you of upcoming events, point volunteering opportunities and when the application process will begin.

Are you ready to get involved in Krewe Life with one of the Best Krewes?

Please click on the waiting list below to add your contact information to KOB waiting list.  

We keep you posted on the process through out the year.  Membership potential is reviewed in August.  Submit your name on the waitlist below for potential membership for August

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