Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon has various logos within the krewe; however, the original and main logo of the krewe is below with the description of its meaning. All logos of Brigadoon are copyrighted.  The main logo is trademarked and copyrighted. 

Embracing Celtic historical use of symbolism, the logo for Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon is an illustrative representation of unity and equality. 

Each color integrated into the logo embodies the qualities of the members of Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon. 

A Scottish tartan, the interlocking pattern of colored stripes woven into cloth, is incorporated in the Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon logo.  The tartan pattern, encased in a traditional belt design, demonstrates the desire for unity among all members of Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon.

The Heraldic dragon, with the wings of a bat, is a symbol of power, wisdom and protection. 

Continuing the Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon's focus on unity and equality, the Mural Crown consisting of eight points, each representing the eight clans and leadership council as integral yet equal parts of the whole design, is a token of civic honor.

With the branding of the name upon the top of the logo, Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon declares not by one but through the contributions of many, each  member will benefit and share in the camaraderie and fellowship of the organization as a whole.

The next logo was adopted in 2015-16 representing the krewe and our emphasis on giving back to the local charities.  

Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon is unique compared to many of the other Tampa based krewes.  The members of the krewe every year get to nominate and vote on locally based charities with no national affiliation.  Hence, the saying, "Krewe of many...not one" is emphasized within the organization.   The krewe elects four 4 charities to focus on per year with a total average of $15,000 or more donated.  

The main events many within the Tampa Bay region are familiar with is Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon's Chili Cookoff & Salsa Showdown and Dragon Party.

The heart within the Celtic dragon represents, Brigadoon Cares!

Started in 2007, Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon has developed an annual logo or "theme" logo for that year.   The theme logo is created into a pin every year for members to wear proudly and trade with other krewes.  Below are the different theme logo and pins created since 2007.

This unique pin represents members that have been in
good standing for 10 consecutive years in the Krewe. 

The Golden Thistle Award is given to a member on a quarterly basis.  Nominated by membership and voted by the board.  More information on this award and recipients can be found, by clicking on the button to the right. 

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