Ye Logo

A Scottish tartan, the interlocking pattern of colored stripes woven into cloth, is incorporated in the Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon logo.
The tartan pattern, encased in a traditional belt design, demonstrates the desire for unity among all members of Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon.

The Heraldic dragon, with the wings of a bat, is a symbol of power, wisdom and protection. 

Continuing the Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon's focus on unity and equality, the Mural Crown consisting of eight points, each representing the eight groups and leadership council as integral yet equal parts of the whole design, is a token of civic honor.

With the branding of the name upon the top of the logo, Ye Enchanted Krewe of Brigadoon declares not by one but through the contributions of many, each  member will benefit and share in the camaraderie and fellowship of the organization as a whole.

Gold: Generosity and Elevation of Mind

Silver/Grey: Peace and Sincerity

Red/Maroon: Strength, Patience, and Victorious

Black: Constancy     

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