The Golden Thistle Award was created in 2015 and it's named after the Scottish Thistle Flower and follows the same traditions of honor.  

The Golden Thistle Award is to recognize a member for going above and beyond in getting involved with the krewe. This Award is the highest honor given out on a Quarterly basis.  Members of the krewe get a chance to nominate another member in the krewe.  The nominees are presented to the Board of Directors on a Quarterly basis.  The board will determine the winner for the quarter by voting among them.  The first month in the new quarter the Krewe President will recognize the recipient with the award at the monthly krewe meeting.  

The members can not be on the board and must be an Active Member in the krewe to be nominated. Members can only win this award once.

Year  Quarter  Recipients

2022  Q4Amanda Winsor
2022  Q3 Carol Blackington
2020  Q3 Mike Smith 
2019  Q2 Fox Jackson IV
2019  Q1 Ken Akins 
2019  Q4 Robert Smith
2018  Q3 Nicole Davis
2018  Q2 Jamie  Gwiazdowski
2018  Q1 Sherrie Trick
2018  Q1 Gregg Heggeland 
2018  Q4 Allison Mook 
2018  Q4 Melissa Thebeau 
2018  Q3 K'Charis Drewery 
2017  Q2 Houston Gilbreath
2017  Q1 Carol Francis
2017  Q4 Michelle Clowers
2016  Q3 Holly Provance
2016  Q2 Stephanie Baker
2016  Q2 Shawn McAndrew
2016  Q1 Heather Azzarone 
2016  Q4 Anna Molina
2015  Q3 Scott Teal
2015  Q2 David Morgan
2015  Q1 Sheri DeWeese


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