Everything you need to know for Safety / Security

Welcome and thank you for volunteering to be part of Krewe of Brigadoon's safety and security team for the Rough Rider's St. Patrick's Day Parade.  This page is to inform volunteers on the details prior to the parade and security meeting.  If you have any questions please email Mike Smith DragonKreweSec@gmail.com.

Safety / Security Rules

  • City Ordinance: min of 4 safety monitors vest and 1 Safety Officer. KOB requirement is 10 for this parade.

  • Wristbands must be worn by all safety - security.

  • Safety Volunteers can wear jeans/ or shorts (depending on weather). NO KILTS ALLOWED FOR SAFETY/SECURITY VOLUNTEERS or costumes.

  • Safety / Security are welcome to enjoy food provided by the krewe and nonalcoholic beverages. 

  • Comfortable walking shoes, NO Sandals!

  • All Safety / Security volunteers must check-in immediately arriving at the float with Parade Coordinator to receive name tag and shirt.  No later than  5:00 pm.  

  • Safety Volunteers must wear security T-shirt  and Name tag at all times in staging and during the parade.

  • Safety/Security is not allowed to ride the float during the parade unless specified by Safety Officers.

  • Safety/Security is not allowed to throw or pick up beads at any time during the parade.

  • Safety/Security will be assigned to a particular area for the parade. Do not abandon your assigned area unless you have permission from the Safety Officers.

  • Head of Safety / Security will be wearing a Lime Green Shirt.

  • Do not allow krewe members give you directions.  Report only to Safety/ Security Officers, Parade Advisers, President, and President Elect.  Any conflicts that occur do not get involved and report to Safety/Security Officers immediately.


  • Safety/ Security does not leave their post until dismissed and/or all members are off the float in the disbanding area.   

  • Zero Tolerance of handing anything over to another member or security over the side of the float. Members want something they can go to the back and walk on the float to grab what they need. This is a Safety precaution.  

  • NO ONE is to bend down and pick up beads. This is a safety to themselves and the Krewe.

  • Make sure there is 2-3 feet buffer from the float and no members get closer to the float during the parade. This is a MUST for safety to enforce.
  • Per Tampa PD...See Something, Say Something!

Safety /Security Positioning

Below are the different Safety / Security positions and brief description.  We will ask each of you to pick a spot and sign up at the Meeting. 

Banner ~ Banner Safety & Security serves two purpose.  Help the two driver to control speed and distance from the group in front of us.  Stay a car distance from the tow truck.  Do not go further.  The goal is to help control the speed of the parade.  (total of two volunteers).

Left & Right Front Line - total of 6 volunteers. 

  • Make sure NO ONE in the krewe, including security walks in between the tow vehicle and float.

  • NO ONE Is to bend down and pick up beads.  This is a safety to themselves and the Krewe.

  • Members are aware if they are falling down intoxicated and Security feels you are a safety risk.  You will be required to be on the float for the rest of the parade.  

  • This is the most important position.  Member’s safety and yours is critical.  Keep Members away from the Float.  A MUST

  • Members can walk along the sides but must listen to Safety-Security.  Members must not when the float makes the turns.

Stair Safety / Security (S9&S10)

  • Watch and assist all members getting on and off the float. These two positions are important.

  • Make sure no one falls.  You must stay at this position at all times until every member is off in disbanding area and Safety Officer will then tell you to go.  

  • Make sure no one blocks the stairs.

  • Do not leave this position until the float is at a complete stop and all members are off the float. (total of two volunteers).

Back Line 

  • Make sure krewe members don’t fall behind the other float.   Keep a look out and keep members with the KOB float area.

  • Our Krewe members should be no more than 40 feet behind the float.

  • If one of our krewe members is injured or having difficulty walking/keeping up with our float assist that member in getting onto our float then proceed back to your position.  They MUST get on the float, don’t let them argue with you. 

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