KOB Parade Leaders:

Parade Adviser: Jill Plaice 

Safety Security Adviser: Mike Smith

Float Adviser: Chad Winsor and Robert Smith

Parade Coordinator: Samantha Cantrell and Andrew Fiel

No Wristbands required for this parade!
No Wristbands required for this parade!

Bead Drop Off and Timeline

 Thursday March 10th, 2022
 6 - 9pm Bead Drop-off 
 Starts 6:30 pm Clan 6 Float Prep 
Friday March 11th, 2022
 6 - 9pm  Float yard open for members to drop beads off
 Saturday March 12th, 2022
 Morning Clan 6 Icing of coolers on the float and ice for the bar.
 3-3:30 pmNo numbers this year. We are Section 3 Nuccio Parkway.
 4:30 pm Float setup begins - Clan 3
 4:30 pm Parade setup begins - Clan 7
 5:00 pm Setup Completed and members can come to the float. 
 5:00 pm James Joyce will be the food for this parade. 
 6:30 pm Krewe Picture
 7:15 pm Parade breakdown starts - Clan 7
 7:00 pm Parade starts moving. Krewe Toast but we will not be moving right away.
  Post Parade Float breakdown at 22nd prior to the turn - Clan 3
  Post Party Rough Riders Clubhouse or other option is Italian Club
 Sunday  March 13th, 2022
 10:00 am Float Clean Up

Rough Rider's Parade Rules

No Wristbands required for this parade!

Participation in the St. Patrick’s Night Parade is not an authorization to consume alcoholic beverages in staging areas or on the parade route. Open and/or visible containers of alcoholic beverages in plain view may lead to action by law enforcement.  This has to be stated by TPD. 

We will be passing under live trolley lines and low hanging stop lights. Do not touch anything, do not hang or throw beads on anything and watch your head!

IMPORTANT by TPD: See Something, Say Something to Law enforcement.

    DISBANDING - The Float will turn on 19th Street.  Disbanding will start on Palm Avenue, between 15th and 20th Streets is designated for parade float disbanding only. This area will be used for the brief dismantling of float accessories and the loading and/or unloading of participants.  

    Krewe of Brigadoon Rules

    • NO Standing in the hallway or bead bags on the floor of the hallway.  Keep it clear.  
    • NO standing by or on the stairs on the back of the float or the stairs to the castle.
    • Do not let anyone who is not a Brigadoon Member ride on our float. If anyone (other than our members) gets on our float during the parade, please tell safety / security officer (lime green shirt or board member ) immediately.
    • Please be respectful of the hard work members have put into the float and to pick up after yourself.
    • Do not leave anything on the float, including Personal Items. Do not bring anything expensive or important to the float. Keep your wallet, ID, money, purse, sunglasses, keys, cameras etc. on you at all times.
    • Stay away from the float, tow vehicle and hitch area at all times and respect safety security as they stop members away from the float. Floats move slowly and have bad visibility. Watch your back and do not lean over to pick up beads off the street.
    • Depending on attendance, not everyone will be able to ride on the float. Please allow spaces for people who need them.


    St. Pat's Parade - your normal tartan kilt (of an appropriate length). KOB St Pat's T-shirt (any year) or Green Shirt or if you choose to wear full costume. You can have lights under your kilt etc and can wear tights/socks that are themed even if they don't match a color in your kilt. Everyone wear comfortable shoes, boots per costume Rules (Green is acceptable for this parade).  CLICK HERE. 


    No guests of any kind are allowed during the actual parade. Only members of Brigadoon and Safety/ Security may walk with us, around or on our float.  Anyone who is not a Krewe member must leave the area 10 minutes before the parade starts. 


    If you are falling down intoxicated and Security feels you are a safety risk. You will be required to be on the float for the rest of the parade.  Tougher rules on intoxication members, by putting them on the float (Drunk Tank) if they are not willing to listen or can not walk for their own safety. Security Officers will make that judgement call and will be enforced.

    Do NOT walk alone during and especially after this parade. Walk in well lit areas and stay together with other krewe members. For you safety we recommend you to stick together in groups.


    Everyone please be RESPECTFUL to the parade marshals and our Safety & Security team protecting us.


    Beads No suitcases please and No BOXES!

    Please put bead bags in the storage shelves or up in the village or in the castle. Make sure your name is marked clearly on all bags.

    Do not pile beads on the back of the float, or in the walkways painted black. Beads MUST have your name on them! Take your beads out of the box at home and use a disposable bag.

    Do not bring suitcases, duffle bags or coolers and lay them all over the float floor, especially on the rear of the float. Buy "Throw” beads, about one box (60 dozen) should work well for this short parade. Put beads in disposable plastic bags. No suitcases, NO BOXES, or coolers allowed. If you do not put your name on your beads someone may accidentally throw them for you or move them to another location.

    Food / Drinks

    Food,  will be provided by the Krewe on our float. Do not bring anything in glass bottles and do not bring any alcohol or beer! Food will be provided by James Joyce.  Food is only for KOB Members and safety security volunteers.


    You are advised to park in the 15th Street garage (Nearest to Centro YBOR) on 15th St and 6th Ave. See map below OR the Noriega garage on Nuccio near Palm/8th then walk to the staging area right on 7th Ave. Staging runs right on 7th Ave and down Nuccio.

    Staging Map

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